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  • The littlest LevineThe littlest Levine

    Lanton, Sandy, author.

    Being the youngest in her family means that Hannah cannot do many things, which makes her unhappy, until finally, at Passover, there is a special duty only she can perform.

  • Max makes a cakeMax makes a cake

    Edwards, Michelle.

    Max finds the perfect way to make a unique Passover surprise birthday cake for his mother.

  • Izzy the Whiz and Passover McCleanIzzy the Whiz and Passover McClean

    Mermelstein, Yael.

    Amateur inventor Izzy creates a machine that miraculously cleans the entire house of hametz just in time for Passover. Includes author's note about Passover and hametz.

  • Elmo's little dreidelElmo's little dreidel

    Kleinberg, Naomi.

  • The queen who saved her peopleThe queen who saved her people

    Balsley, Tilda.

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